Feeling and looking good: New solutions

We all know that the things we like are invariably considered unhealthy. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean we need to avoid them completely, however excess consumption of unhealthy food will have a negative effect of how you look and feel. Over the past decade, toxic cleansing has become a convenient way to rid one’s body of the poisons that processed foods and other things contain. Toxins are absorbed into the blood and organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and indeed skin, are responsible for removing these. However, levels are often high and toxin traces can remain, leaving us feeling tired and lethargic.


Healthy skin

A glowing complexion is a direct reflection of the body’s condition and there are several things to consider,

Ø  Avoid too much wheat products

Ø  Reduce sugar intake

Ø  Regulate dairy product consumption

Ø  Avoid high intake of alcohol

Ø  Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, which are high in enzymes


The lymphatic system

This is one of nature’s way to clear out toxins and while exercise is known to unclog a blocked lymph gland, it is also worth noting that certain cosmetic products contain petroleum or glycerin, which clog the skin pores and adds to the already heavy load of impurities in our body.


A sunny balance

Contrary to popular belief, direct sunlight gives us vitamin D, which is essential for healthy skin. This also helps to balance hormone levels and therefore promotes a healthy, attractive skin.


Exposure to direct sunlight should not be overdone, but a healthy tan always helps us look and feel good. Sunlight improves blood circulation, which in turn gives us that healthy glow we associate with a good work out. The rays of the sun are able to reduce the toxin levels, especially in the liver, kidney and lungs.


A positive outlook

Yes, believe it or not, a positive mental attitude actually promotes well-being and therefore good health, so try to see the good in everything and you may be pleasantly surprised.


Toxin removal

If you are a smoker, you will probably know that cigarettes contain toxins that not only cause cancer, but also hinder healthy cell development. At Vaper Empire, there are a wide range of solutions to enable one to easily quit smoking, an anti-social habit that has drastic effects on skin condition. More and more people are turning to a less harmful method of ingesting nicotine, without the negative effects that smoking tobacco carries.


Why choose vaping?

Many people have noticed the difference in how they feel since making the switch and vaping has fast become an established industry as smoking declines in popularity. The range of attractive flavours that Vaper Empire provide, makes maintaining your desired level of nicotine intake, an enjoyable experience. All people, from heavy to occasional smokers, are feeling the benefits of vaping as a healthy alternative to cigarettes. Apart from the obvious benefits, vaping is smoke free and odourless and can be done anywhere. Adding to that, a cheaper alternative to cigarette smoking, makes vaping the sensible choice for the health conscious person.

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