Waxing Or Plucking: Which Do Your Prefer?

Removing body hair is done by many not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for personal hygiene. This is now a common process performed by both men and women. Nowadays, there are two popular methods. The first one is with the use of tweezers and the other is through wax. Both are effective if properly done, but differ from each other in many ways. If you are wondering what would be the best procedure for you, read the comparison below.


  • This process can basically be done on anyone. There is no conflict with any health condition or medicine intakes. However, if done improperly, it can cause harmful effects on the skin.
  • You will need to grow the hair long enough or thick enough to be pulled.
  • Hairs are removed one at a time. It can take half an hour or more just on the eyebrow section. This makes the process time consuming.
  • This method is more effective on thicker strands. However, it is not reliable when it comes to fine ones, as it is somehow difficult to pull them one. This will result to some remaining fuzz.
  • You have great control on areas that need precise removal, as you would accurately choose the hair to take.


  • There are certain health conditions and medicine conflicts that should be taken into consideration. If you have issues with this, you may consult medical opinion first.
  • Hair should be at least one-fourth of an inch for the procedure.
  • This process is faster than that of plucking since many strands are taken off at a time.
  • This method is effective to both fine and thick strands. Therefore, the results are smoother than tweezing.
  • Precision is no problem as long as it is done properly. But, it is advisable to have it with a professional.

So now it clearly shows that waxing is the most efficient choice when it comes to speed and results. If you want to undergo this kind of aesthetic process, you can check out the beauty salon featured on this website.