How Cigarette Smoking Ruins Your Look

The fight against skin damage may not be easy, but the effort is worth it. Quitting smoking is one of the first steps, considering the harmful effects to your hair, skin and overall appearance. If it’s too hard to kill the habit, switch to a well-known alternative - buy electronic cigarettes. This way, you don’t have to ingest harmful chemicals like tobacco and tar.

Still not convinced? Find out the ugly truth of smoking.

1. Poor complexion

Did you know that smokers tend to look a decade older than they really are? Cigarette smoking means signing up for premature skin ageing, discolouration and abnormal skin growth. Further, it makes the skin look yellow and leathery. Eww.

2. Hair problems

The chemicals found in cigarettes starve your hair of oxygen, making it lifeless and brittle. These are also factors of premature greying, hair loss and baldness.

3. Smoker’s pucker

That refers to the distinct fine lines around a smoker’s lips. Not only will you have deep lines around your mouth, your lips will also become shrivelled, wrinkled and dry.

4. Crow’s feet

Smoking also speeds up the process of skin ageing around the eyes, mainly due to frequent squinting when trying to keep the smoke out of your eyes. And did you know that the skin under your eyes is ultra-sensitive to chemicals? Once you smoke, expect to have dark eyebags. Not attractive, don’t you think?

5. Poor dental health

It’s scary to point out that smoking leads to periodontal disease, such as gum disease and recession. It also causes bad breath, plaque build-up and stained teeth. And, yes, you can lose your pearly whites if you’re not careful.

6. Acne

Smoking worsens acne as cigarette smoke messes up the oil composition (sebum) in your skin.

7. Psoriasis

You also have a greater risk for getting psoriasis and increasing its severity.

8. Sagging skin

Say goodbye to sexy sleeveless tops if you’re a habitual smoker as your skin will tend to sag in various areas, including your breasts and inner arm.

9. Unpleasant smell

The scent of cigarettes will be all over your hair, body, clothes, furniture, house... Everything. That’s not just off-putting to non-smokers, but it can also harm children and people who are sensitive to the chemicals found in cigarettes.

10. Haggard look

Researchers have found out that 12% of smokers have difficulty sleeping. They revealed that 11% wake up in the middle of the night, while 10% wake up way too early in the morning. In turn, this disrupts your body clock and deprives you of beauty sleep.

After reading about the effects, you already know what to do. Buy electronic cigarettes and ditch that cancer stick. It’s true that it’s difficult to quit; hopefully, these facts are reasons enough for you to curb.

There are products and procedures that can also make a former smoker’s skin look better while it’s recovering from the damage of tobacco smoking. Take a look at our skin care products, facials and body treatments and say hello to a healthier, more beautiful you.

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